About Us


BigBanya.com is your local online grocery store, only more fabulous than other online stores. Wait, we mean everything we say. Read on…


What’s local about BigBanya

We’re based in Dwarka, we understand Dwarka, and we love Dwarka, so we only serve Dwarka! because we do not have the pressures of taking more orders than we can handle, deliver to remote parts, advertise a lot on TV to appeal to the whole country, we’re able save a lot of costs.


Being local helps us stay focussed, have a lean team, and pass on the benefits to our customers. The benefits are in form of good discounts and efficient service. It also helps us spend more time on product selection, quality control and customer experience. It has all been well thought through and you will experience it at every level when you place your first order.


We’re in no hurry to conquer the world, and that’s become one of our biggest strengths - 

Staying local, staying focussed!




What’s fabulous about BigBanya

Among other aspects of shopping experience at Bigbanya, we take pride in claiming that we have great products, excellent speedy delivery slots, and fabulous discounts where possible.


We’re not a corporate, we’re just a call, email or a click away. We’re hands on. If you have any issues about any aspect of our products or service, we’ll deal with it personally. Now that’s a big promise to make, and we’re aware of it. Choose BigBanya.com and experience it first hand.





BigBanya is on a mission to change the online grocery shopping culture. Our focus is very local, very rooted, very hands-on. We think, big corporates have made the whole process of grocery shopping very mechanical, far from what it used to be. We’re available, approachable, and willing to resolve any issues our customers might face. We’re committed to bringing back the personal touch of Banya as it used to be, only Bigger, and better.



Our vision is to be appreciated and adored for our services by each household of Dwarka. We’re determined to become the most preferred online grocery store for Dwarkaites.