When you listen with your full being, it is called total listening, says OSHO

Intellectual listening means that when you are listening you are simultaneously arguing with it. A constant argument is going on. I am saying something to you, you are listening, and constantly there is an argument inside: whether this is right or wrong.You are comparing with your own concepts, your own ideology, your own system.How is listening possible in this way? You are too full of yourself. If you want to go deep in understanding what is being said, this inner turmoil must stop. Otherwise, you are in your own way, and constantly destroying the very possibility of something which can happen to you.You can miss,and everyone is missing much. We live enclosed in our own minds, and we carry that enclosure with us everywhere. So whatsoever we see, whatsoever we hear, whatsoever happens around us, it is never transmitted to the inner consciousness directly.The mind remains in between,always playing tricks. One must be aware that this is happening. This is the first thing in order to go deep.This is the first thing for the second stage of listening — to be aware of what your mind is doing to you. It is coming in between.Wherever you move, it moves before you. It is not like a shadow which follows.

You have become its shadow.The mind creates fiction. So the first thing is to create a distance: that is, not to identify.Remember you are not the mind,then the first listening will change into the second. The second is emotional — deeply felt, sympathetic. It is a love attitude. You are hearing some music or seeing a dance,so you don’t just remember the intellect — you begin to participate.When you are seeing a dance,your feet begin to participate. When you are listening to music, your hands begin to be participants;you begin to be part of it.This is a sympathetic way of listening, deeper than intellect.That’s why,whenever you can listen with your heart and feeling, you feel elated, you feel transported to somewhere else.Then you are not in this world.Really,you are in this world,but you feel that you are not in this world.Why? Because you are not in the world of the intellect A different realm opens — you begin to be actively in it. Intellect is always an onlooker standing out — never in. So the more intellect grows in the world, the more we become just passive observers — in everything.You will not dance, but you will watch others dancing. If this goes on day by day, soon you will not be doing anything. You will just be looking at others doing.You will not love,you will just watch others loving.You are just an onlooker — a dead, passive onlooker.The second centre is more involved.You begin to participate.You will understand more if you begin to participate,because the moment you are sympathetic,your mind is open — more open than when you are in a constant fight. It is open, receptive, inviting. This is how one can listen through feeling. But still there is a depth even deeper than feeling and that depth I call total listening, with your full being — because feeling is again a part. Intellect is a part, feeling is a part, the source of action is another.There are many parts in your existence, in your being.You can listen with feeling better than with intellect, but still it is only a part.And when you are listening with your feeling, the intellect will just go to sleep; otherwise it will disturb. It will just go to sleep. The third is to listen totally — not even participating with it, but being one with it.One way is to watch dance through intellect;another is to feel dance and begin to participate in it.Sitting in your seat,the dancer is dancing.You begin to participate; you begin to keep the beat.And the third is becoming the dance oneself — not the dancer, but the dance.The total being is involved. You are not even out to feel it: you are it. So remember that the deepest knowledge is possible only when you become one with something.