Eighty per cent of humanity’s ability goes into war. If this 80% ability went into farming, went into gardens, went into factories, this earth would become a paradise. The dream that your seers and prophets used to see, that of a heaven in the sky, can now be materialised on earth. There is no obstacle. But old habits – ‘This is ourcountry, that is their country. We have to fight, they have to fight.’


The poorest of poor nations are also engaged in an effort to make atom bombs. They are dying of starvation but they want to make atom bombs. Underneath, this same idea moves even a country like India. We may starve but our glory must be preserved.


I don’t believe in countries. If I am listened to, then I will say that India should be the first country to renounce nationalism. It would be good if the country of Krishna, Buddha, Patanjali and Gorakh renounces nationalism and says, ‘we are an international area’. India should become an area of the United Nations assembly. It should be said that we are the first nation that entrusts itself to the United Nations – you take custody. Someone must start it – and if it is started there is no need for wars. These wars will continue as long as there are borders. These borders must go.


It can be said that I am a traitor in the context of following one country but I am not a traitor to humanity. Actually all your lovers of nations are traitors to humanity. The very meaning of patriotism is ‘treason towards humanity’. Love of nation means dividing into parts. You have seen, haven’t you, that a person who is patriotic towards his region becomes an enemy of the nation. And one who is patriotic towards his district becomes an enemy of the region. I am not an enemy of the nation; my view is international. This whole earth is one. I want to abandon the small for the vast.


And these small enclosures, these ditches, have tortured man too much. In three thousand years, five thousand wars have been fought. And previously it was okay if wars went on happening because they were fought with bows and arrows; there was no harm. If a few people died there was no problem.


Now, the war is a total war. Now it is suicide of all mankind. Now every place can become a Hiroshima – any day, at any moment ... Consider the horror of this war and think of how much energy is going into it. This same energy can fill the entire earth with greenery; can fill it with prosperity. For the first time man can dance, absorbed in bliss; man can sing songs of ecstasy, can follow the quest of meditation.


But your so-called patriots, these nationalists, will not allow it to happen.


Nationalism is a great sin. It is due to this nationalism that all the problems exist in the world. I am not a nationalist. I want to break all boundaries. Whoever on this earth who has received a small glimpse of the truth has no boundaries. They do not belong to any country, any community, any class, any sect, any caste. They belong to all, and all belong to them.